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Thoughts, Ideas & Ramblings of Harsha Halvi

Authored by Harsha Halvi

I'm an Entreprenuer turned accidental Product Manager writing about all things Startups, Product Management, Philosophy & Life

Mark Robert Henderson

Authored by Mark Robert Henderson

Adaptive Leadership for Technical Projects

More Pablo

Authored by Pablo Meier

Personal blog of software developer (and human).

Bodacious Blog

Authored by Shane Mulligan

My journey into biosemiotics 🌻, xenolingustics 👽 and emacs 🐄

Stavros' Stuff

Authored by Stavros Korokithakis

I figure some people might be interested in the projects I make from time to time, or the solution to problems I have, so I publish them.


Authored by Scott Aaronson

A blog about wonky thinks like collapsing government, some opinions, quantum mechanics and computing.

rolisz's site

Authored by Roland Szabo

I am interested in machine learning, Rust and board games.


Authored by Sarah Perry, Kevin Simler, Joe Kelly, Carlos Bueno, Renee DiResta, and Taylor Pearson

Ribbonfarm is a longform blog devoted to unusual takes on both familiar and new themes. It was founded in 2007 by Venkatesh Rao, who serves as Editor-in-Chief


Authored by StrikingLoo -- Luciano Strika

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks for Developers and Data Scientists.

Julian Xhokaxhiu's Blog

Authored by Julian Xhokaxhiu

My personal motto? 'Impossible Is Nothing'

Alexey Guezy

Authored by Alexey Guzey

I’m a researcher with background in Economics, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science. My biggest intellectual influences are Scott Alexander and Gwern. Right now, I think about meta-science, biology, and philanthropy. My long-term goal is to make the future humane, aesthetic, and to make it happen faster.

Arpit Batra

Authored by Arpit Batra

A Product Engineer and hobbyist writer

Christine Dodrill

Authored by Christine Dodrill

Tech, Cooking, Linugistics, Programming language theory and more


Authored by Murat Demirbas

I am a computer science and engineering professor at SUNY Buffalo. I work on distributed systems, distributed consensus, and cloud computing.

Organic Highway

Authored by Mathew Duggan

Technology blog with random short stories


Authored by David Chapman

Meaningness is a hypertext book (in progress), plus a “metablog” that comments on it. The book begins with an appetizer. Alternatively, you might like to look at its table of contents, or some other starting points. Classification of pages by topics supplements the book and metablog structures.

Eli Bendersky's website

Authored by Eli Bendersky

This blog began in 2003 as a personal online journal; in the past few years it became mostly an outlet for technical, programming-related posts. It's my way to document things I find interesting for my future self.


Authored by Oona Räisänen

absorptions is a blog about my hobbies. So far it's mostly about signals, electronics and programming, but may pick up a random new field at any point. It's a place for me to direct my need to talk nerdy. Why? I like the smell of unsolved mysteries. Call them obsessions or special interests; I call them absorptions.


Authored by Idlewords

Interesting essays and interviews mostly political and meta.


Authored by Ryan Jacobs

Normal stuff. I write about my daily life and programming.


Authored by Linus Åkesson

My name is Linus Åkesson, though some of you may know me as lft. I live in Lund, Sweden, and work as a software engineer. I dabble in many different areas. My blog is bilingual (swedish).

Ben Oliver

Authored by Ben Oliver

I've been blogging about anything that takes me since 2007. Now it's mostly movies, books and the occasional tech guide.


Authored by Guillermo Garron

Linux blog


Authored by Elio Rivero

Blog on Software Engineering and Web Design

Panda Home

Authored by OldPanda

I shall dedicate myself to the interests of the country in life and death irrespective of personal weal and woe

Ashwin Vishnu's Website

Authored by Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan

Academic / research software developer who blogs about personal musings, science and technology.


Authored by Gwern Branwen

I write about psychology, statistics, and technology; I am best known for work on the darknet markets & Bitcoin, blinded self-experiments & Quantified Self analyses, dual n-back & spaced repetition, and modafinil.

Blain Smith

Authored by Blain smith

Software, programming, and maybe some powerlifting.

Learnk8s' blog

Authored by Daniele Polencic, Daniel Weibel, Gergely Risko, Salman Iqbal, Mauricio Salatino

The Learnk8s' blog is a collection of long form articles devoted to exploring Kubernetes.

Annoying Technology

Authored by Philipp and Manual

Delivering you the daily annoyances you didn't ask for.

soham writes

Authored by Soham Sankaran

Writing about humans, robots, and policy from an Indian startup founder, screenwriter, and recovering academic.

Programming from the human perspective By Ibrahim Diallo

Authored by Ibrahim Diallo

Telling stories about the programming world one statement at a time

Brajeshwar Oinam

Authored by Brajeshwar Oinam

I am a designer. I design experiences, opportunities, careers, teams, products, and organizations.

Matt Greer

Authored by Matt Greer

I'm mostly a JavaScript developer who also has an interest in retro game tech. I tend to combine the two in various ways, such as modern web based tools for old game consoles.

Stan's blog

Authored by Stanislas Lange

The blog of a french software engineer.

Darek Kay

Authored by Darek Kay

I'm a front-end developer and an accessibility advocate. I love sharing what I know through my blog.

Rasul Kireev

Authored by Rasul Kireev

This is my personal space where I share my thoughts, findings and learnings.


Authored by Alex Tabarrok & Tyler Cowen

Marginal Revolution is the blog of Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, both of whom teach at George Mason University. MR began in August of 2003 and there have been new posts daily since that time. In numerous reviews and ratings over the years Marginal Revolution has consistently been ranked as the best or one of the best economic blogs on the web, but it is more (and less) than that, also representing the quirks of its authors.

Franz Neubert: Writing

Authored by Franz Neubert

Software, projects & software projects. I write about personal projects and about things I learned at my job as a data engineer.


Authored by David Wong

A blog about cryptography and security


Authored by Julia Evans

I’m a software developer. I live in Montreal. I sometimes give talks. Most of my income comes from my programming zines business Wizard Zines.

Patrick Collison

Authored by Patrick Collison

I live in San Francisco and work at Stripe. I grew up in Ireland and previously studied math at MIT. I am on the boards of Stripe and the Long Now Foundation. (The long-term is underrated!)

Kev Quirk's blog

Authored by kev Quirk

I'm a cyber security professional and privacy advocate from North West England. I enjoy FOSS, drawing, motorbikes, and fishkeeping.

Duyet's Blog

Authored by Duyet Le

Blog about Data Engineering, Data Platform, Data Visualization and Web Development


Authored by Eric Richardson

Musings around the intersection of people and machines

Joel on software

Authored by Joel Spolsky

This is Joel on Software, where I’ve been ranting about software development, management, business, and the Internet since 2000. In 2000 I co-founded Fog Creek Software, where we created lots of cool things like the FogBugz bug tracker, Trello, and Glitch. I also worked with Jeff Atwood to create Stack Overflow and served as CEO of Stack Overflow from 2010-2019.

Humaid AlQassimi's Blog

Authored by Humaid AlQassimi

Writing topics around Linux, minimal software, and Go.

Early Retirement Extreme

Authored by Jacob

I became financially independent at 30 and retired at 33. I blog about how to retire extremely early. A combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, resilience, and applied capitalism

jlelse's Blog

Authored by Jan Lukas Else

Thoughts, stories and ideas

Varun Barad

Authored by Varun Barad

I am an Android developer interested in online-privacy, owning our content/data, sci-fi stories and many other things. I like to share my learnings through my blog.

Lukas Murdock

Authored by Lukas Murdock

Designer, developer, and marketer trying to do work that matters for people who care.

Authored by Devin Weaver (@sukima)

A blog of personal quality — I am a passionate software developer specialized in Ember.js, JavaScript, and Ruby. I dabble in Photography, 360 panoramic tours, interactive fiction, and geek culture.

Marko Saric's blog

Authored by Marko Saric

I share my advice and lessons learned. I also share other things that I care about, think about and work on.

Rohith's Blog

Authored by Rohith Palakirti

I write a blog about deep learning and everything else that I'm in the process of learning.


Authored by Marcel Weiher

I blog about programming, with a focus on performance, architecture, Objective-C and my own language Objective-Smalltalk.

Guillermo Garron

Authored by Guillermo Garron

It's me writing about technology

Solving challenges in software engineering and networking

Authored by Schakko

Personal blog about my challenges in the space of software engineering and networking. Mostly focused nowadays on continuous integration and delivery.

Glenn Engstrand

Authored by Glenn Engstrand

Whenever I evaluate a technology stack for microservice architecture viability, I implement the same feature identical polyglot persistent microservice then run it through the same load test as all the others. In that way, I can compare and contrast these various technology stacks. I blog about the results here.

Coon Cave

Authored by Patrick Ahlbrecht

Software development, Google Play and Android in general. May contain traces of random rambling.


Authored by Jeff Preshing

This is where I write about programming-related stuff. I try to keep it technical, and tend to focus on C++ and Python, but these aren’t strict rules. You could say the main theme throughout this blog is a reverence and fascination for programming.


Authored by Tim Urban, Andrew finn, Alicia mcelhone

Tim writes about his psychological shortcomings. Andrew writes about the business side. Alicia is the manager.

Thoughts, Ideas, Ramblings, Articles, Promos

Authored by Jay Kanakiya

How Software is changing the world of Business rapidly and thoughts on uncovering new trends.


Authored by Andrew Healey

I'm a software engineer and I enjoy teaching people about code! I write about code, my side projects, and the rest of my life too.

Exponential Backoff

Authored by Dave Glassanos

Non-technical advice to navigate your programming career.

Artemis' blog

Authored by Artemis

Mainly IT and software talk, with some personal opinion pieces on tech from time to time

Paul Graham

Authored by Paul Graham

Lisp wizard and an investor. You should probably just google me.

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