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Alexey Guezy

Authored by Alexey Guzey

I’m a researcher with background in Economics, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science. My biggest intellectual influences are Scott Alexander and Gwern. Right now, I think about meta-science, biology, and philanthropy. My long-term goal is to make the future humane, aesthetic, and to make it happen faster.

jlelse's Blog

Authored by Jan Lukas Else

Thoughts, stories and ideas


Authored by Murat Demirbas

I am a computer science and engineering professor at SUNY Buffalo. I work on distributed systems, distributed consensus, and cloud computing.

Patrick Collison

Authored by Patrick Collison

I live in San Francisco and work at Stripe. I grew up in Ireland and previously studied math at MIT. I am on the boards of Stripe and the Long Now Foundation. (The long-term is underrated!)