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Artemis' blog

Authored by Artemis

Mainly IT and software talk, with some personal opinion pieces on tech from time to time

Ben Oliver

Authored by Ben Oliver

I've been blogging about anything that takes me since 2007. Now it's mostly movies, books and the occasional tech guide.

Blain Smith

Authored by Blain smith

Software, programming, and maybe some powerlifting.


Authored by StrikingLoo -- Luciano Strika

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks for Developers and Data Scientists.

Guillermo Garron

Authored by Guillermo Garron

It's me writing about technology


Authored by Guillermo Garron

Linux blog

Humaid AlQassimi's Blog

Authored by Humaid AlQassimi

Writing topics around Linux, minimal software, and Go.


Authored by Julia Evans

I’m a software developer. I live in Montreal. I sometimes give talks. Most of my income comes from my programming zines business Wizard Zines.

Organic Highway

Authored by Mathew Duggan

Technology blog with random short stories

Stan's blog

Authored by Stanislas Lange

The blog of a french software engineer.


Authored by Oona Räisänen

absorptions is a blog about my hobbies. So far it's mostly about signals, electronics and programming, but may pick up a random new field at any point. It's a place for me to direct my need to talk nerdy. Why? I like the smell of unsolved mysteries. Call them obsessions or special interests; I call them absorptions.